About Us


Growing up in the rural South, I developed a love of wildlife, hunting, and the land.  While pursuing my degree in Wildlife Biology, my bond with outdoor life grew into something even stronger.  Into a passion.  A passion for nature, family, and the values that unite us all.  From this passion, a lifestyle brand was born.  One Down was founded with the goal of ‘bridging the gap’ by offering not only apparel but also a wide range of tools used in the field for training and hunting.   

The phrase One Down was coined by my closest friends and me to mark the occasion of harvesting that first bird of a hunt.  The best memories involve dogs, especially retrievers.   I have been blessed to own a few really good ones in my life.  A sound retriever is a loyal companion, never complaining, and always happy for the next hunt. 

Thank you for visiting our site.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you by providing quality products tailored to the outdoor enthusiast.  Here’s to One Down, and many more to follow! 

Eddie - One Down Retriever Apparel.