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    Thank you for visiting our site. Our brand largely revolves around our love of man’s best friend. As the creator of One Down I have been given the opportunity to enjoy the companionship of a couple of amazing sidekicks throughout my life. We want our brand to exhibit the same qualities as our devoted comrades …Eagerness to please, biddable to hard work and a built in instinct to bring our customers products they desire. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

    ~Eddie, One Down


Retriever Collection

Our Retriever Collection depicts our original design with the Labrador Retriever. Our... 


Here you will find the shirts we offer depicting the brand logo.... 

Training Products

We not only want to bring you apparel, but also the equipment... 

Tools of the Trade

Food and Water Systems

Innovative food storage and no spill water bowls to aid in travel,... 

In an effort to give back and help preserve hunting pastimes for future generations. We will donate a percent of our proceeds each year to a conservation organization. - One Down